What We Offer

One-on-one Consultation  

Finding the Right Study Program 

Application Process Assistance

Scholarship Finding

Visa Interview Preparation and Training

We provide individualized consultation for our students. 

We assist our students in finding the right study program based on their country of choice, academic record, and work experience.

We give guidance through the application process for obtaining a study place in Europe. 

​An extensive database of scholarships and grants are available to our students.

We guide our students through the visa interview application as well as prepare them for the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the study requirements for Europe?
Each University has its requirements. One will have to go to the University of choice home page to determine it's a requirement. Some Universities will require a student to have a GPA of 1.0- 2.0 (European scale), while others will accept students with a 1.0- 3.0 (European scale). The requirements for study a study position are specified per University and degree of pursuit.

What does it mean to "read" for a degree?

The term read for a degree means to study for a degree.

What is a Blocked Account?
A Blocked  Account is an that is necessary in most cases for international students to have while applying for an entry visa in Germany. The blocked account generally required for obtaining a student residence permit in Germany.

If I want to study in Europe by when should I start applying?

We recommend that our students start the European study application process a year before their planned study commencement. For example, if a student wishes to begin studying in the winter semester 2021, then he should start preparing his European applications from winter 2020 (especially recommended for those who are seeking scholarships). 


Are there scholarships available to fund my studies in Europe?

Yes, there are scholarships, but they are limited.

Does your way to Europe guarantee me a study place in Europe?

A student's acceptance is entirely dependent on the matriculation staff of the University. We do not guarantee a study place for our students.