Your Way to Europe Consultation Services (YWTECServices) is a Jamaican owned educational company geared towards assisting students with finding an appropriate study program in Europe. At YWTECServices, students pursuing a Bachelor's, Masters, Ph.D., and even those acquiring a Trade Skill can receive specific and one-on-one consultation about the necessary steps in obtaining a European degree.  YWTECServices strongly believes that education gives one wings. With a world-class degree and the right skill set, one can access and open doors that were once unreachable. 
The Founder and CEO of YWTECServices is Sadé. Sadé currently lives and studies in Europe, where she is reading for a master's degree in Germany. With her multiple acceptances from different European universities, Sadé believes that she is fully capable of assisting other international students in achieving the dream she once sought after i.e., to study in Europe.  
If one should say that multiple countries in Europe hold many opportunities is a gross understatement. Europe not only has top-class universities, but the continent also offers various leading research institutes geared towards delivering a change to lives as we know it. Europe is a pioneer in Medicine, Engineering, and even a leader in tackling critical issues such as Climate Change. To study in selected European countries means that one will have access to some of the best education available in the 21st century at a fraction of the cost.  
Founder and CEO 

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