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Studying in Europe means that one can take full advantage of some of the most prestigious and world-renowned universities. Most of the higher education institutions in Europe (even the ones in smaller cities) are all equipped with cutting edge facilities, which are all used in the advancement of research and development. The universities in Europe are with enough funding by either private or government entities (or both). Adequate funding allows for each university to have a vast amount of resources that are all aimed towards the academic success of each student. Additionally, many of the universities in Europe are in direct collaboration with different research institutes. In such cases, students not only have the opportunity to work at one of the many research institutes in Europe, but often, the lectures are taught by professors with practical industry knowledge and experiences.   

World-class Universities and Research Institutes  

Europe has 23 official languages, as well as many indigenous languages spoken within the continent [source: europa.eu]. This fact makes Europe a breading hub for a multicultural and multilinguistic society. It is widespread for a single European to speak at least two official European languages. Many international students, while studying in Europe, seek to learn a European language since this proves to be beneficial for their career growth. Classes of the official language of an individual European country are generally taught for free at the enrolled university. Finally, since many international students live and study in Europe, this makes it is easy for the interchange of culture amongst students.   

Language and Cultural Exchange  

The study programs available in Europe are extensive. The continent is basically with every degree program one could think of pursuing. From a degree in Beerology to a degree in Zoology, Europe has a variety of courses available for any budding student.     

Diverse Study Programs  

No doubt, studying at selected universities in Europe will cost little to nothing in comparison to countries in North America such as the United States and Canada. The total cost of reading for a degree in Europe is significantly less when considering tuition and living expenses for any given students. The affordable tuition cost available in Europe is the reason why many Americans and Canadian alike opt-out of studying in their own countries. In an aim to avoid student debt and to advance their careers, many North Americans turn to countries such as Germany or France for a more affordable education solution. Europe also has many need-based and merit-based full scholarships for international students. Most importantly, there are opportunities to read for a degree at 'no cost' in Europe- study with no tuition fees.    

Affordable Cost of Study  

One-on-one Consultation  

Finding the Right Study Program 

Application Process Assistance

Scholarship Finding

Visa Interview Preparation and Training

We provide individualized consultation for our students. 

We assist our students in finding the right study program based on their country of choice, academic record, and work experience.

We give guidance through the application process for obtaining a study place in Europe. 

​An extensive database of scholarships and grants are available to our students.

We guide our students through the visa interview application as well as prepare them for the interview.


Nyrone Eccleston, 


I love the Spanish language and culture, so this promoted the idea for me to study in Spain. I studied Spanish in Jamaica up to the B2 level, and now I am currently pursuing an MBA in Spain. My tuition fee is 4,400 USD per anum, which I consider to be managable. I have the option of being debt-free after I have completed my studies here in Spain.  

Reading for an MBA in Spain  

Ishimwe Sandrine, Rwanda  

“Being born and raised in Rwanda meant that my family and I had limited resources. With this reality, I have decided to learn the German language so that I may be qualified for my current trade program. I am now doing an apprenticeship in Germany where I am being paid monthly as I study to become a caregiver. At my apprenticeship is where I find the most joy and  fulfillment.”  

Job Training in Germany  

Paul Enyi,


“From I was a child, I had it in my mind to study in Europe and more specifically in Italy. My uncle studied abroad, and I figured that I should do the same so that I can experience a new culture. I am currently doing a master of quantum physics degree in Italy. I plan on returning to Nigeria, where I can help with the development of my country.”  

Reading for a BSc in Italy 

Barsha Mahmud, Bangladesh


“Europe has much of the training and equipment my country lacked. For this same reason, I decided to study abroad in a more developed society.  My dream is to become one of the best neurosurgeons the world has ever seen. I am currently reading for my medical degree in France, and I must say that I am enjoying every bit of my journey."  

Reading for a Medical degree in France